• Smoke Detector

    Smoke detector is a sensing device which detects the presence of smoke in the vicinity and gives warning signal to the Fire Control Room. Each apartment has been fitted with a Smoke Detector in the drawing / dining area. Blinking of Red LED indicates that the smoke detector is functional and in operation. For proper working of smoke detector please ensure that it is neither covered nor obstructed by any object such as false ceiling etc.

  • Fire Sprinkler

    Sprinkler is a fire fighting device which operates when the temperature in the vicinity rises beyond a dangerous level. Pressurized spray of water starts from the sprinkler when it operates or breaks accidentally. Fire sprinklers are fitted inside the apartment as per norms. Fire sprinklers are also fitted in lift lobbies, basements and other common areas. Each sprinkler is connected via pipelines to the fire water tank in the pump room. Water pressure in the pipe lines is maintained by sprinkler pumps fitted in the pump room. For proper and effective working of the fire sprinklers, the pink colour protective cap on the sprinkler needs to be removed. Kindly report to maintenance / condominium office if the caps of sprinkler in your apartment are still ON. Shifting of sprinkler position may reduce effectiveness of the sprinkler. Hiding / Covering the sprinkler inside the cupboards or false ceiling etc. will render it completely ineffective hence, sprinklers should never be hidden / covered. Residents are therefore requested to ensure that smoke detectors and fire sprinklers in their apartments are free from any such obstructions to provide full safety against fire hazards.

  • Do's
    • When you notice a Fire Raise Alarm ‘FIRE’ at the top of your voice. Activate the Break Glass Unit.
    • Fire Fighting team should approach the scene within quickest possible time.
    • As far as possible try to attract other’s attention on your way to the scene of fire.
    • One who reaches first at the scene of fire should makes sure that no life is trapped.
    • Try to put-off the small fire with the nearest appropriate type of fire extinguishers.
    • As others rush to the scene, tell them what is the type of fire and which fire extinguisher is to be used.
    • Do arrange to switch off the supply incase of electrical fire. Do not flood the area affected with water unless required.
    • Incase of uncontrollable Fire, Inform the following: - Security Control Room (Shopping Mall) 2355591 Fire Station Gurgaon 2320101 Fire Station Sector-29 (Sushant Lok) 2392101-203 Fire Station Air Force 2340441 Maruti Fire Station 2340099
    • Use staircase only to reach ground floor. Be attentive to PA system for any announcement relating to fire.
  • Don'ts
    • Do not run in panic.
    • Do not take undue risk.
    • Do not tamper with any machinery during fire fighting. Leave them for authorised handling.
    • Do not argue or discuss at the scene of fire.
    • Do not tamper with equipment, if you do not know its operation.
    • Do not use water on oil and electrical fire.
    • Do not flood the area affected with water unless required.
    • As others rush to the scene, tell them what is the type of fire and which fire extinguisher is to be used.
    • Do not crowd the scene of fire.
    • Do not continue to use LPG cylinder for cooking etc., in near vicinity of fire. Do not use lift / elevator.

Important Contact Numbers

  • Police 100
    Police Station, Gurgaon 2320100, 2321476
    Sushant Lok, Sec - 29 2396700
    Police Station, Sec-56 2574100, 2578101
  • Fire 101
    Fire Station, Gurgaon 2320101
    Sushant Lok, Sec - 29 2392101-103
    Fire Station, Air Force 2340441
    Fire Station, Maruti 2340099
  • Ambulance 102
    Ambulance Service 2320102
    Uma Sanjivini, Dlf City-II 2350960
    Umkal Hospital Sushant Lok 4041288-89, 4042266
  • Hospital
    private hospital, dlf city-ii 2352097, 2353793
    healers hospital, dlf –v 4511111
    uma sanjeavani heath centre, dlf city-ii 2350960, 2351257
    umkal hospital, shushant lok 2385075, 4041281, 4041285
    aiims, new delhi 9511-26561123
    batra, new delhi 9511-26083747
    escort heart institute, okhla 9511-26825000
    paras hospital, dlf city – v 4585555, 4049061-63
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